Greetings From Pastor Eric Shin 


Did you know that you and I are God's beloved children seeking to live under God's grace and love? God loves all of us unconditionally. And what is more amazing is God's grace. At its core, grace is all about God's favor underserving. Without God's grace, I would not be where I am today. For me, it's about having a second, third, and many chances in life to live rightly with God and others. 

I will be the first to admit that our church is a place where imperfect people, "hypocrites", fallen and sinful people gather to experience God's amazing grace and love. Don't get me wrong. We have awesome and wonderful people. But we all have our pasts, habits, and hang-ups. God's desire is to restore and redeem us. 

The church is the body of Christ even with all the messiness and dysfunction. But the great news for all of us is that God takes our brokenness and imperfection and transforms us through Christ to be a new and beautiful creation.  We are committed to being a grace-filled and grace sharing community. 

If you are up for the ultimate challenge and transformation, please join us for worship and our ministries to the community and world. We are taking new and courageous steps forward to follow Jesus Christ where ever God lead us. 



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